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In our world we have many types of creatures, but some of them were thought to have vanished. Here, we shall discuss about those creatures which were thought to have been wiped out but you may still find traces of them which are still alive.

New Holland Mouse


The New Holland Mouse is described as a rodent in 1843. They completely disappeared from sight and were thought to have vanished until they were found out in 1967 in Australia. Now they are declared as rare species as their number has declined considerably. They died due to Ash Wednesday Wildfires in 1983.

Terror Skink


The Terror Skink was thought to have vanished long time back but recently in 2003 a sample of it was revealed in New Caledonia. It measures approximately 50 cm and carries long shape curved teeth. Such teeth are strange for a skink as they are generally omnivores. Another illustration was also discovered in New Caledonia in the year 1876.

Giant Palouse Earthworm


The Giant Palouse Earthworm of North America was thought to have died out in 1980s, until recently it was discovered. Not much is known about this worm but what we know about it is quite weird. It grows up to 3 feet in length. If you catch it then it emits smell like lilies. To guard itself it starts spitting and its color is albino.



This flightless bird is found in South Island of New Zealand and was thought to have extinct in the year 1898. Then again in the year 1948 it was discovered near Lake Te Anau. It is now considered as rare species. They have strange eating habits. With their beaks they pluck grass and grasp it in a claw, eat only the softest part and throw away the rest.

Mountain Pygmy Possum


Mountain Pygmy Possum was thought to be extinct in 1896 but was rediscovered in the year 1966 on Mount Hotham in Australia. They are available in thick alpine rocks and stones. Their females live on the top of the mountain and the males live lower down. The males travel up on the mountains for mating. The Australian Government takes special care of them as they must be preserved.




They are night-time ants and were supposed to have extinct but they were rediscovered in 2006. Not much is known about them. They live in small settlements and nests in earth.

Bermuda Petrel

Bermuda Petrel

This sea bird is a nocturnal and was thought to have disappeared for about 330 years. It is supposed to be Bermuda’s the national bird, however it was found again in the year 1951. They were supposed to have disappeared after the British settled in Bermuda and introduced dogs, cats and rats. The bird has an unnatural call which made the Spanish sailors believe that the island was haunted. This is the reason why the Spanish never settled in this island. It was the British who chose to settle in Bermuda.

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