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Dogs are such creatures that are always loyal to their masters. And probably that is why they are known as man’s best friend. There are several interesting facts about dogs of which we are either not aware of, or we have some misconception. Here are some of the facts which are going to surprise you all surely. Let us have a look at them.

Dogs can be jealous too

Just like human beings, dogs too suffer from jealousy.  According to researches it has been found that dogs remain calm and composed when their owners ignore them, until they pay attention to other dogs. The moment dogs find their owner getting closer to some other dogs, the pets begin to snap and snarl at them out of jealousy.

Dogs can see colours

There has been a common myth that dogs can only see things in black and white. However in reality they can see colours but not as brightly as humans see. Humans have two cones in their eyes, whereas dogs have only two. But one advantage which they have over humans is their better night vision capability.

Puppy eyes are not a sign of feeling guilty

Most of us had the misconception that whenever dogs feel guilty they make puppy eyes. But that is not so. That is actually their reaction while getting scolded.

Dogs have the capability to smell diseases

Yes, you read that right. Dogs can smell diseases. Sometimes dogs behave strangely when they come near you. That doesn’t mean they have some problem, but the problem can be with you. When your body is not working properly as it should be, dogs tend to behave strangely when they come in contact with you. Based on certain researches, some scientists are of the opinion that dogs can diagnose cancer, epileptic seizure and diabetes.

Know the actual meaning of tail wagging

People think tail wagging signifies happiness of the dogs. But that is partially correct. Wagging the tails in different directions indicate different meanings. If they wag their tail to right, it indicates they are happy; if to the left, then they are frightened; if they wag their tails low, know that they are insecure and if they wag their tail rapidly, beware then, it is a signal of aggression.

Dogs are equally smart like humans

As per researches it has been found out that dogs can be pretty smart like a two-year old child. Border collies are considered to be the cleverest of all the canines and some of them can even understand the meaning of about 200 words. Some other dogs in this category include Golden retrievers, German shepherds, and Dobermans.

Dogs too get dreams just like humans

Those who own dogs, they must have watched their dogs whimpering or shuddering in their sleep. They do so because they are dreaming. Since dogs and humans have the same brain wave patterns while they are fast asleep, they too dream like us. But it is to be noted that small dogs tend to dream more than the big ones.

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