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Many of us believe that sharks are predators and have an attacking nature, but what most of us do not know that there are different kinds of sharks and most are harmless in nature. After the movie Jaws came out, which was based on shark attack, many people fear them, however they are an incredible species and worth taking a look at. Here’s a list of the different kinds of sharks.

Great White Shark


Great white sharks are a large lamniform sharks with a length of 20ft and more and can weigh up to 4938 lb. It is the largest predatory fish in the world. It is the only species of its genus which is still living. They are responsible for a few attacks on human but they do not target humans particularly as prey. They can be located in the coastal waters of all oceans.

Cow Shark


Most primitive of all, cow sharks are similar to the ancient and extinct forms of shark with a few adaptations. With unspecialized digestive and excretory system, they resemble their ancestors. Most sharks have five gill slits, but cow sharks have six and sometimes seven slits.

Zebra Shark


A species of the carpet shark, zebra sharks are unique in appearance with cylindrical body and five longitudinal ridges, low caudal fin and dark spots. They are lazy and usually found resting during the day. They are docile and not at all dangerous.

Frilled Shark


From its look, one can mistake it for a giant eel; however frilled sharks are sharks of the living fossil species. It has very sharp teeth and their species have not changed much since pre-historic times. It was believed to be extinct until it was seen in Japan.

Leopard Shark


A species of the hound shark, they are 3.9 to 4.9 ft long with a very slender body. They have big spots on their back and patterns and marks resembling a saddle. They are found in Oregon to Mazatlan along the pacific coast of North Carolina. They are not dangerous to humans and are usually found near the coasts in up to 13 ft water level.

Cookiecutter Shark


It is one of the rarely seen species of the dogfish shark. It is one of the smallest sharks with a unique eating habit. They prey with their suctorial lips and like a cookie cutter, remove a small round plugs of flesh by rotating their body from its prey’s body. They are called parasites too.

Whale Shark

Whale shark

Rhincidon Typus or whale sharks are the largest sharks which are living. They can grow up to 40 ft long and weigh up to 15 tons. They have a lifespan of about 70 years. They are large and considered as man –eaters but they in fact do not pose any threat to humans. They are docile and playful.

Goblin Shark


They are deep sea shark with a unique head. It has a beak like snout which is long and trowel shaped. They are pink in color. They can sense their prey through electro sensitive organs present in their snout in the absence of light

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