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Haircuts are of various shapes and styles. So, you will definitely need some time to decide the perfect hairstyle that is suitable for your face and appearance. You may be confused and clueless. Don’t worry and have a look at the following list to know about the 7 sweet and fantastic little boy haircuts.

The Faux Hawk


The Faux Hawk hairstyle is very well known among the boys. It is alike another haircut named Mohawk. However, in the faux cut the sides are not shaved too much. The haircut will cast a sophisticated and good look on your appearance. Your orthodox parents won’t scold you in this new hairstyle. The hairstyle is not very stylish, but it is the perfect blend of modernity and fashion. The faux hawk is not appropriate for an oval shaped person.

Wanna try some unique haircut?


The messy bangs haircut is very unique. Try something different always in case of choosing a haircut. The other name of messy bangs is the mop. In this type of hairstyle, a bit of tapering is seen near a boy’s ears and in the upward position of the neck. Go for it and you will not be disappointed!

Some love to have the short pompadour haircut


Ever heard about Elvis Presley? Yes, you have heard about the ‘king of rock and roll’. The short pompadour haircut is the perfect Elvis Presley haircut. This hairstyle is liked as well as preferred by several small boys. You have to move your hair backwards. Any male can go for this hairstyle; however, it will look stunning especially on toddlers. A lotion is required to form the accurate texture of the hair. Use a brush to move your hair backwards. Don’t forget to brush the sides of your hair.

Know about Punk Rock Tot?


It does not matter that whether you are a rebel or not. But if you wish to have a rebellious look, then you should try the punk rock tot haircut. In punk rock tot hairstyle, a big sided bang is made and the sides are shaved too. Teenagers love to do this haircut.

Try edged out and then you will look outstanding


Short hairstyles are suitable for small boys. It is said that small boys look very stylish in an edged out cut only if it is done in a right way. A kid can add some few cool lines while cutting the hair.

Some girls would like to see you in an elevated top hairstyle


Do you want to stylize your top hair? If yes, then head to a men’s saloon and get the elevated top haircut. After that, girls will be mad about you or you can become the most talked about boy in your school. ¬†Anything can happen. Many textures can be seen in this haircut. Your hairdo will cast a charming and cute look on you.

Try the butch cut to surprise others


Butch cut does surprise others. Boys of various age groups love to have the butch cut. Small boys prefer it more than adult ones. The haircut is really short. The military hairstyle will force you to shave off most of your hair on all the sides, so there’s no problem of maintaining your hair.


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