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Art is not a modern man’s topic of discussion and passion. Art is loved by the mankind right now and also in the past. Discoveries of the pre-human art are a proof that art influenced the minds of people earlier too. The list of the 3 mysterious discoveries of pre-human art are given as follows :

Krapina’s Eagle Talons

Eagle Talons was unearthed in a town called Krapina, situated in northern Croatia, which showed that Neanderthals knew much about style before the modern humans step in Europe. Experts had a belief that earlier people would love to wear it like jewelry in the form of a necklace or a bracelet. They were really polished and it seemed that it was bounded along with fabric. It is a true fact that Eagle Talons  were discovered before 100 years. Even the cache of  Neanderthal bones were also founded many years back, however, only recently the connection was made to jewelry.  Experts think in a different way and they suspect that the talons could be made from the live birds.  It  is very hard to catch eagles. Interestingly, Neanderthals  had sophisticated abilities for hunting.

Maastricht Belvedere’s Red Pigment

When anthropologists had  surveyed the Cave of Belvedere in a town called Maastricht, situated in the Netherlands in the 1980s, they founded a red material lying in the soil. It was revealed after analyzing that the soil’s red thing was actually hematite that is an iron oxide, which the ancient populations use in the form of a pigment. Then, scientists had concluded that the red thing penetrated inside the soil in a liquid form only because of spilling.  The material’s source was more than 40 kilometers far from the Cave of Belvedere and the inhabitants transported it. Countless individuals had a belief that the pigment was  applied only for body decoration and wall painting.  The process continues till date among the hunter-gatherers. But, others have distinct opinions and even they suggest that it one could use it like a insect repellant, medicine, preservative or like a hide softener.

Want to know about feathers?

Fumane cave is situated close to a city known as Verona, Northern Italy, where anthropologists founded something that completely changed our thinking about art. Deposit of Netherlands bones were present and among these bones feathers were founded. The feathers were used frequently for ornamentation and decoration. Indeed, countless number of bones of birds were founded, which  really showed the evidence of cutting as well as scrapping surrounding the feathers. Actually, the feathers are not being cooked in the previous times and the enormous hunted birds, such as eagles, falcons, vultures are a poor source of food. Feathered arrows might have been used in the past, but it is not discovered till today, so the presence of feathered arrows in the past cannot be completely believable. It is assumed that the feathers might be used in jewelry or in decorations. It cannot be said that these feathers were used every day for certain purposes.

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