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A few animals are not known to many people as their famous relatives. Here’s a list of a few unknown living animal with some very interesting facts.



Okapi, closest relative to giraffe accepted by science in the 20th century was well known in ancient times to Egyptians. It was believed to be a zebra as its leg had stripes but it was found similar to giraffe as it is vegetarian like them and taller like them. It was found in ancient times but seldom seen now. It can be seen in Democratic Republic of the Congo only.

Pygmy Hippo


Recently found Pygmy Hippo are smaller and much cuter version of the Hippopotamus. They mostly stay on land and live in small groups or alone. They are found in the swamps of Western Africa and the rainforests only.



Proteles or aardwolf is the closest relatives of the laughing hyena. Proteles are much smaller versions of hyenas with weight up to 10 kgs only and feed upon insects and termites unlike their relative who is dangerous and predates upon big animals like zebras. These are found in Eastern and Southern Africa.



Drills are closer relatives of the largest monkey in the world mandrill, but not many people know about this species of the monkey family. Drills are becoming an endangered animal as they are being eaten by the locals. They are similar in looks to mandrills. With black faces and red chins unlike mandrills who are brightly colored. Found in Western Africa, they feed on anything ranging from grass to small animals.

Pygmy Killer Whale


Pygmy Killer Whale found in the year 1952 does not have the white marks likes it’s larger size relative Orcas. They are not similar in personality either as the pygmy killer whales are very aggressive or behave like sharks. They are found in all the oceans of the world except the polar region.

Silky Anteater


Silky anteater is a smaller and closest relative of the giant anteater of the Central and South America. They are similar to squirrel in size and live on trees. They are rarely seen animals and are very active in nights. They are found in the rainforests of Mexico and Central and Southern America.



Rodent like in looks Hyraxes are very small in size like the guinea pigs. They are found in the Middle East and Africa and feed on plants. They are closest relatives of the elephants as they have very similar features including the tusk and sharp memory. They have sticky toes which help them climb rocks and trees easily without falling.

Crab Eating Raccoon


Crab eating raccoon are found in the tropical swamps of the Central and South America. They feed upon crabs and anything which is available to them. They stay mostly near water. They are nocturnal animals.



Jaguarundis are found in Central and South America, southern US and Mexico. They are closest living relatives to the Mountain Lion and are included in the Puma genus. They feed on fish, insects, birds and rodents. They too are nocturnal animals.

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