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These 9 birds listed here are extremely dangerous and creepy. They are usually found on remote islands of the world and are extremely dirty and unclean with vampirism and ghoulishness as their characteristics. They can even prey on human.

Great White Pelican


The great white pelicans are capable of swallowing whole of their prey. Usually, they prey on sea life, but they can also prey on larger animals. They are found in the coasts of Eurasia. They have multi gallon bills which easily help them swallow their prey as a whole.

Vulturine Guinea Fowl

Sharp beak, red eyes, dark plumage and a snake like neck make them look creepy. They are game birds capable of capturing their smaller mammals. They are featherless on their head with a few feathers sticking out. They have sharp bills and staring eyes.



Snake birds or Anhinga are strange and creepy. They are black in color and stay in the swamps with just their beak and bill visible. They give out growling calls and can sink underwater. They are water birds but do not have a body which is water proof as they can be seen drying off. They have very sharp bills.

Hood Mockingbird


The hood mockingbird belongs to the Thrasher family. They are found in Ecuador on the Galapagos Islands. They are song birds who are feed on the blood of the seabirds as there is lack of water and food on the dry islands of the Galapagos. They are blood sucking birds with sharp and curve bill suitable for feeding on their hosts.

Vampire Finch


Vampire Finch as the name suggests have the same characteristics like vampires. They have sharp beaks which can easily catch an insect but they feed on both big and small birds. They smaller ones are more dangerous as they come back again and again to suck blood as they have high metabolic rate.

Greater Honeyguide


Greater honeyguide have a bond with human as they guide men towards honey and share with them. They are featherless from birth and lay eggs on other bird’s nest. They are ghoulish with sharp bill hook capable of slashing and ripping. As they grow big, the bill hook drops off.

African Crowned Eagle


They are one of the largest birds in the world and are man eater in nature. They are found in east and south central Africa. They usually prey upon sizeable monkeys. They also feed on antelopes.

Great Gray Shrike


They are wannabe raptors who lure by mimicking the calls of other songbird. Once the birds are near, they hammer them by dragging them to thorn bush and rip them apart to eat. The male birds impress the females during the breeding season by killing their rivals.

Antarctic Giant Petrel


Macronectes Giganteus or Antarctic Giant Petrels weigh up to 18 pounds and 7 ft wings. They stalk the penguins. They are yellow eyed sea birds with a huge gull or albatross. They attack brutally and butcher their prey. They live like eagles.


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