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When people think of nuclear bombs they just don’t pay attention towards the upcoming dangers and hazards. Some of these are quite alarming. Let us know more about them.

Nuclear Program from the end of North Korea


There are a lot many people who are quite much worried about the development of nuclear programs around the world. Recently, the UN Security Council had made a deal to prevent the creation of nuclear weapons in return of certain development. After their most recent test North Korea claims to have miniature warhead that fits on regular missile. Thus the real question is whether they would be capable of delivering the payload to its neighbors or not.

The World Has Tested Over 2,000 Atomic Bombs To Date


Countries like US, UK Russia and France had spent decades in performing Nuclear Bomb test and had set off 2,000 nuclear missiles all across the globe.

Radiation Exposure of low level


In the area of radioactive exposure scientist believe any amount of exposure to radiation tends to be quite destructive to add to this, extended contact to low level would not turn out being as much harmful as people think it is. As stated by Madison’s John Cameron small amount of radioactive can work towards enhancing one’s immune system. Though a research work is being done from both ends nothing much has been confirmed as of now. It is likely to detect our ability in adapting ourselves in batteling against cancer.

The Myth Of Cold Fusion


About 200 decades ago scientist have created a nuclear reaction known as cold fusion which could be used as energy without destroying the environment. But nobody could replicate a theoretical model explaining how it could work out. Thus people gave up and moved to other ideas. However recently US Naval laboratories claimed that cold fusion could be possible yet the skeptics are not convinced.

Specific Absorption Rate2

The controversial ideas that cell phones can cause cancer have not yet been proved. The FCC has standards for the specific absorption rate of cell phones it still advices to read the owner’s manual and follow the instructions for specific phones so as to maintain one’s health and safety.

Radioactivity can turn out being a silent disaster


Many people think radiation may lead to one or other disasters however it is all around affecting us. Radon a radioactive gas is formed that causes lung cancer silently killing over 20,000 people every year. As the problem becomes known to people they should become mandatory with radon warnings leading to the disclosure of contamination.

No One Wants To Take The Waste


The fact that radioactive material is hard to store safely as most people doesn’t want the waste to be stored anywhere near them. Thus a nuclear waste storage site was created which claimed that the studies of the proposed site would be absolutely secure and will not cause any sort of destructive radiation.

Leakage storing locations and sites


There is no control over the problem of leakage in the United States. Recently, a serious leakage occurred in Carlsbad, in which 13 employees were affected by the radiation.

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