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As our lives have become quite arduous due to hectic work and round the clock schedule, many of us have started ignoring our health. We have chosen to opt for fast food, but there are some worrying realities regarding them which should not be overlooked. It is true; they can be quickly made, served and eaten. Yet we do not realize that these foodstuffs are not good for our health, unless the doctor tells us to stop eating the junk foods.

The researchers have revealed some shocking facts regarding junk foods. Read the following points and decide what is best for you.

Draining the Brain


We all know that the junk foods contain high quantity of fat and sugar level, but many of us do not know that these foodstuffs have harmful effects on the brain. Consuming these harmful foodstuffs frequently disturbs the blood flow to the brain. In due course of time the brain stops functioning properly.

Fecal Fizz


Many drinks in the fast food centers contain slight fecal bacteria which cannot be overlooked. Surely, it will not kill you, but you will detest such bacteria entering your body. Another type of bacteria known as e.coli which is found in the fizz drinks causes food poisoning and can make you sick seriously.

Sickly Syrup

Pouring a glass of cola --- Image by © Nicoloso/photocuisine/Corbis

Even if you gulp down a bottle of fizz drink, you still feel thirsty. Reason: these drinks are made into syrupy taste by loading the fizz drinks with large quantity of fructose corn syrup. This material acts as a sugar replacement. The dreadful substance tears away the teeth enamel and attack essential organs. It is better to drink just a plain glass of water which will quench your thirst and will not harm your inner organs.

Bad Eggs


In order to cut cost, many fast food centers generally use egg substitute known as Premium Egg Blend which contains a disturbing material known as glycerin. This material is used in soaps and in shaving foams. It will not kill you, but if taken regularly it will cause ill health. Many restaurants even use bad eggs to make fast foods in order to curtail costs.

Stretchy Bread


The bread sandwiches in many fast food joints contain a chemical known as azodicarbonamide. This material is used in making yoga mats. It is not good to consume such substance in your bread. It may taste delicious but will make you ill after a certain period.

Cheese That Won’t Please


You will love to eat a burger with a fat slice of moist cheddar cheese between the meat and bun. In fast food joints the cheese is not cheddar. The processed cheese in these joints contains fat, preservatives and chemicals.

Chemical Shakes


The fast food centers prepare delicious milkshakes. These milkshakes contain varieties of immoral ingredients which are pumped into spice to taste fantastic. The shakes contain chemicals which you can never think of putting in your drinks. It is better to spend some time and prepare healthy food at home.


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