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The word ‘poison’ is considered dangerous for almost every one of us. As we all know that poison can kill us and so we all avoid touching it too. But this dangerous substance has some specific use. Did you know there are a few of these which help you with healing some very critical of ailments. Some of the dangerous ailments are cured by using this dangerous substance. Here we shall deal with some of the uses of poison.



This poison is sold in the market as a pesticide to kill mice and rats. After a thorough research it has been proved that this product is very effectual and safe for the treatment of thrombosis and embolism. It was used as a medicine in 1950s and is still in use.

Cone Snail Venom


These are sea snails which possesses poisonous gland enclosing neurotoxins. This neurotoxin is thrown out of its mouth in a harpoon action. This is very poisonous and so snails should be handled very carefully as its bite may create serious results. Cone snail venom is used as medicine as a pain killer. It is used as a replacement for morphine. Other drugs made from this venom are being tested whether they can be suitably used for diseases like Parkinson, Alzheimer and epilepsy.



The roots of Wolfsbane provide Nepalese poison known as bish. It contains heavy quantity of alkaloid pseudaconitine which is a dangerous poison. The poison is used in making drugs for healing pulse rate, heart palpitation, to decrease feverishness, quinsy, croup, laryngitis, pneumonia and asthma. Medicines made from it acts remarkably on the blood circulation, nervous system and in respiration. It slows down the pulse beats per minute.



The digitalis plants contain numerous poisonous chemical and physiological connected steroids and cardiac glycosides. The whole plant is poisonous together with the seeds and roots. Medicines made from this plant are known as Digitalin which is used to control the heart rate. Doctors prescribe this medicine in the case of heart failure.

Copperhead Venom


The copperhead is a waylay killer which positions itself and hang around for appropriate victim to come. These snakes avoid human beings. Its venom contains a protein known as, Contortrostatin, which can stop the development of cancerous cells and movement of tumors to other places. It is a very good anti-cancerous drug.



Hemlock is a very common poison which contains coniine. Coniine is a neurotoxin which interrupts the working of nervous system. It can cause death by jamming the neuromuscular connections. Despite its bad reputation it is used as sedatives for antispasmodic qualities. It is used for treatment of arthritis.

Deadly Nightshade


Atropine is derived from this plant which is used for the treatment of extreme low heart rate, pulse less and asystole in cardiac arrest. Its action on nervous system reduces sweat, salivary and mucus glands which can prevent death of a dying patient. It is considered by the World Health Organization as the Most Essential Drugs in its drug’s list. It is extremely a vital medicine and hence it is considered as a core medicine by the W.H.O.

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