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Ancient Rome was one of the countries which shone among the dark world of the time. It was known for its civilization, its empire and its laws and the Romans were proud about it. However some laws of the time were truly insane and outrageous.

Wearing The Color Purple is a Crime


Wearing purple in ancient Rome was considered as a crime and it was a sumptuary law of the land. The color purple was reserved for the emperors and their aristocratic family. Only they could dress in the color purple whereas the lower classes were restricted from doing so as they wanted to segregate the classes accordingly.

Women were not allowed to cry at the funerals


Another law which prevailed was that the women in ancient Rome were not allowed to cry at the funerals. This was done in order to curb the practice of hiring paid professionals for funeral as they were paid to walk in the funeral procession. The popularity of the deceased family was taken into account through the number of people weeping at the funeral.

Father can legally kill the daughter’s lover


There were laws which powered fathers legally to kill their daughter’s lover. A man was given the right to kill his wife’s lover if it was a slave or a prostitute. He was allowed to lock them together and inform his neighbors about it within 20 hours so that they could all have a look at them. While no such rights were given to the wife.

Patricide is the worst crime


The punishment for doing something bad was simply beheading. In case it was worse, people were thrown from rooftop of the prison. Patricide was considered the worst of them all and the punishment is blindfolding the naked convict and throwing him into the sack with animals like serpent, dog, rooster and an ape and drowning the sack into the sea.

Prostitutes must color their hair blonde


Since all the Roman beauty have natural black hair, in order to distinguish between the high class ladies and the prostitutes, law was made for the prostitutes to dye their hair blonde. The Barbarians of the times especially the Gauls had natural blonde hair color, therefore the prostitutes were suppose to match themselves with the Barbarians.

One can seek permission for suicide from the Senate


Another insane and extremely outrageous law was that the suicidal person can ask the Senate and seek their permission in case he does not want to live anymore. Sick people kept hemlock and the kings kept poison in case they need it for bad times. Prisoners, slaves and soldiers were not allowed to commit suicide as it will be an economic loss for the state.

One should not bury the body of the person hit by lightning bolt

It was believed that Jupiter, the supreme God really hated the thing, be it a tree or a person, if it is hit by the lightning or thunderbolts and they should not be buried. If someone buries such a body, he will be sacrificed to Jupiter instead.

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