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The Roanake Colony was the first colony for the English in America and its disappearance is still one of the greatest mysteries of America. Many a horrifying tales have been attached with the colonists and have strong clues.

Natives were considered as savages by the colonists


As soon as the English colonists settled in the region, they considered the natives as savages. Just before their fort building was completed, a colonist found that his silver cup was missing and the blame was on the natives. English law penalizes the thief by whipping, however in Roanake; the entire village was burned to the ground for a single cup.

The colonists were dependent upon natives for their food


The colonists had a lot of dependence on the native for their living and were hit by starvation and famine as the only food they could grow in that colony was corn. Secotans tribe provided them with food and their chief Wingina wanted to take advantage of this fact and so wanted the colonist’s help in his tribal wars. When the English refused, he stopped sharing food with them and left them to starve.

The colonists kidnapped the natives in order to barter for useful things


The colonists then had to take up extreme measures in order to get food from the natives. They kidnapped the natives and held them hostage for no crime of theirs in order to barter things which they needed. The Governor Ralph Lane was known for his cruelty. One of hostage Skiko let out the secret that the tribe led by Wingina will attack them and kill Lane first.

Chief of Secotan tribe was chased and killed by the English settlers


The Roanake settlers decided to strike first and caught the Secotan tribe off guard and killed them all. Wingina was called for a one to one by Lane but he was shot in the back. Everyone thought he died but he fled into the forest. Edward Nugent was one of the settlers who chased him into the forest and returned with Wingina’s head.

John White became the new governor


Later Lane returned to England and leaved the reigns to John White. The Croatan tribe was the only tribe which got along with the colonists. The Croatan chief Manteo became their interpreter and guided them. He was even baptized as a Christian. Manteo informed John White about the death of 20 Englishmen at the hands of the natives in a period of two years. In order to take revenge, White sent 25 men along with Manteo but by mistake Manteo took them to Croatans living away from the main tribe and the English forces killed them all.

The first English baby was born on the land of Roanoke


The first English baby on the land of Roanoke was Virginia Dare; grandchild of John White was lost in the colony as White left when she was nine days old and never returned for three years due to England’s war with Spain.

The Spain invaded Roanoke after its discovery


The Spanish Army believed Roanoke Island had enormous English army but found only 118 people. Vincent Gonzalez was hit by strong winds landed on this colony and asked Spain to invade it.

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