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Many of us have heard about the unnatural death of Jon Benet Ramsey. She was being hit on her head, strangled and was supposedly assaulted, that too sexually and her lifeless body was dumped on the basement of her home. Since then her family has constantly been into controversies. It is believed by many that John and Patsy Ramsey murdered their daughter Jon Benet and that they are the ones who had tried to cover a murder committed by their son, Burke. Let us look at some of the facts related to Jon Benet murder case which were not known to the public yet.

Do you know about John Ramsey’s second wife?

Patsy was John Ramsey’s second wife, whereas his first wife was Lucinda Pasch with whom he had tied the knot in 1966. John and Lucinda had three children- Elizabeth, Melinda and John Andrew. However, four years earlier to Jon Benet’s murder, Elizabeth died in an accident along with her boyfriend. Though this had nothing to do with Jon’s murder, but police took interest in Elizabeth’s case for the time being, in the hope of getting some sort of clue or link to Jon’s death.

Blue colored suitcase

A blue suitcase was found in the basement where Jon Benet’s body was kept. Inside it were a blanket covered with semen, and a book by Dr. Seuss. On being interrogated to the Ramsey family, Patsy Ramsey insisted that the suitcase did not belong to any of the members of Ramsey family. But on further investigation, it was found that the suitcase belonged to John Andrew, John Ramsey’s eldest son. The discomforting stuffs of the suitcase led to suspect Andrew, but investigations revealed later that Andrew is innocent in this case as he wasn’t present in the town on that fateful day.

Jon Benet

This is the home of John and Patricia Ramsey in Boulder, Colo., seen Jan. 3, 1997, as investigators sifted through evidence in the home in which the couple’s 6-year-old daughter JonBenet Ramsey was found murdered on Dec. 26, 1996. (AP Photo/David Zalubowski)

According to some investigators, Jon Benet was a victim of sexual abuse. When her body was discovered, there were signs of genital injuries. Add to that, the size of her vaginal opening was double the size of a normal six-year old girl and investors said that cannot just happen in one day.


It is assumed that Jon Benet was somewhat forced into the glitz and glam world of beauty pageant. Her mother, Patsy, too belonged to this world, as she was to become Miss America, but unfortunately failed. Since Patsy’s mother, Nedra Rymer, in 1952 was crowned as the homecoming queen, she wanted her grand- daughter to be one like her, especially when her daughter Patsy failed to fulfil her dreams.

After Benet’s death

Years after Jon Benet’s death, her father, John Ramsey seems to be regretting for letting her enter into the glam world. He thinks that might have led to his daughter’s murder.

Burke, Benet’s elder brother

Jon’s elder brother Burke had the habit of smearing faeces everywhere, even in Jon Benet’s bedroom. Some believe that since he bore a grudge against his sister, he might have murdered her. But even Jon Benet had the problem of regular bed-wetting. Some are of the opinion that Patsy might have got enraged due to this, and killed her, whereas some opines that bed-wetting can be the indication of sexual abuse. There might be a link in the two siblings’ problems, but that wasn’t much focussed in Jon Benet’s murder case.

A child psychologist

Thirteen years after Jon Benet’s mysterious murder, Burke was taken to a child psychologist for some interrogation related to his sister’s death and the session was strangely odd. Burke seemed to be smiling throughout and told that his mother was going mad in search of Jon and that she was over reacting. He doesn’t seem to be least affected with whatever had happened at his home. Even twenty years later when he was being interviewed by Dr. Phil, Burke was still smiling and laughing while talking about his mother.


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