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We all must have heard about the Greeks and their cultural practices. They were very much superstitious, and they have left several material evidences on how superstition and magic had affected them in their everyday lives. Here we have listed down some of their superstitious practices and beliefs which will amaze people for sure.


The ancient Greeks were well accustomed to all kinds of potions and concoctions. Some of the recipes were amusing and some were totally useless. To mention a few:

  • In order to make a woman fart, take some hairs from the rump of a donkey. Burn and then grind it and finally mix the powder with a drink and serve it to a woman and see the result.
  • If you want a woman to confess her lover’s name, place a bird’s tongue under the woman’s lips or you can even put it on her heart, and then ask her to say the name of her lover. She will utter his name three times.


Necromancy is a kind of magical practice in which the dead spirits are being invoked for divinatory purposes, or to get their assistance in some kind of magical affairs.Performing necromancy in public was strictly condemned by the ancient Greeks, but still,performing it privately was accepted by them. If we search in the history of ancient Greece, we will get loads and loads of evidences. Some of the remarkable examples come from the works of Odyssey, Plato, Herodotus, etc.

Sacrificing animals

Animal sacrifice was widely practiced in ancient Greece. Animals such as goats, oxen, sheep and puppies were slaughtered for odd reasons. Even many a times came when animal sacrifices went out of control, as it happened after the Battle of marathon (490 B.C). Even the existence of this very practice is mentioned in the works of Herodotus, Xenophon and Plutarch.

Magic Spells

This was also one of the common practices in ancient Greece. It was believed by the Greeks that if the spells would be inscribed in words, along with images of animals, humans, etc., it would increase the efficiency of it. Spells were used for various purposes like, to help someone, to harm or poison someone from the enemy, or to cure someone from any disease, etc.


The ancient Greeks believed strongly in astrology. It influenced their mind in two ways- They claimed that human affair is largely influenced and affected by the planetary actions, or, when an individual is born, its human traits and trends will depend on the position of the celestial bodies. There are many astrological works which has succeeded to survive till now.


During the ancient times, the Greeks believed that dreams could predict the future. Artemidorus, in his “Interpretation of Dreams” discusses about some of the meanings which are related to number games, such as if you see an old woman in your dream, it signifies death of a sick person in future, since the words ‘old woman’ together adds to 704 and the words ‘thefuneral’ adds to 704 too.


In ancient Greece, oracles meant to be two things which are closely related- a declaration made by several deities or the locations where such statements were made. Most of the statements were answers or replies to human questions. The answers could be either in ‘yes’ or ‘no’ or in some confusing form.

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