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We have all seen turtles and lizards but we do not get panicky as we know that they are not harmful. But, there are some monster lizards and turtles which are harmful to human beings. It may either kill or dismember you. We shall discuss some of these dangerous species here.

Green Iguana

This dangerous lizard has become a pet in recent years. It is herbivorous with sharp razor like teeth. Many savage incidents have happened while training this creature as a house pet. Sometimes it becomes troublesome and disturbed and even attacks its owner with its sharp claws and teeth. It is 6 feet in length and weighs about 18 pounds. The giant lizard is dangerous and cannot be trusted as a house pet. Children should stay away from them.

Leatherback Sea Turtle

This Sea Turtle is about 8 feet in length and weighs about 2000 pounds. It is largest among all turtles and it is omnivorous. These turtles have become rare species as they are not much in number. The sea turtle is generally quiet and gentle in nature but it can smack or bite you if disturbed. You cannot take it for granted always so beware!

Mata-Mata turtle

The Amazon of South America is well-known for dangerous creatures. The rivers in this area are filled with Piranha and Mata-Mata Turtles.  These turtles have long snake like necks with a weird mouth filled with two razor-sharp plates. The turtles are carnivores and they eat fish, water birds and other reptiles. They are very unlike the common turtles which we come across daily.

Big-headed Turtle

This big headed turtle belongs to chelonian species and it has tail like a snake which is as big as its body. It is mostly found in Southeast Asia. The big head turtle cannot retract back into its shell. It has powerful jaws and it can attack you without delay if it sense danger, so it’s better to keep away from it. It can climb trees and perch on branches like birds.

Soft-shelled Turtles

These turtles are soft shelled and when left on the ground they become completely flat. Though soft shelled but it can bite very dangerously, hence, they are considered terrifying. It can easily hide inside the sand to catch its prey. If you step on it, it may attack you with its sharp teeth. It may cause you bad injury.

Nile Monitor

This lizard is mainly found in River Nile and in various African rivers. It is approximately 9 feet in length. It loves to eat young crocodiles, other mammals and sea birds. Its bite is very bad and infectious. When it is threatened by its enemy, it can grab with bone smashing grip and will not loosen its grip at all. People buy them as household pets but must be very careful with it. Children should be kept at a safe distance. They should not be allowed to go near them. These are interesting facts about these horrifying and perilous lizards and turtles.

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