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Hunting is a favorite amusement for many people. It is incredibly necessary to understand that one should not hurt an animal just for amusement. They too have the right to live so you should refrain from hurting any living being. Due to over-hunting the human beings have extinguished many species. Many animal conservation organizations are trying their best to save these species from being totally extinguished. They are punishing the hunters with heavy penalty.

Great White Shark


The Great White Shark is in danger of extinction. You cannot find them everywhere so many countries have declared its hunting illegal. You can only kill in self-defense. There is no police system in the open seas, so hunters are hounding the sharks openly in the high seas. There is no license required for hunting the sharks in the high seas.



The cheetahs are another animal which are fast extinguishing because of hunting. They are not a threat to human beings because they consider humans to be killers. Hence, it keeps away from the humans also they are very shy in nature. The cheetahs are not big animals so they cannot defend their cubs from hyenas or lions. This is the reason why their community is not flourishing. There are a very small amount of cheetahs in the natural habitat today. Many governments worldwide have declared the hunting of cheetahs as illegal. They have never attacked any human being in the forest. There is no such report available till date.



Hippos are giant animals with very sort-temper. Their skin is 6 inches thick and can run much faster than humans. Though they do not consume meat but it can attack you without provocation. They are mostly hunted for their ivory teeth. Many countries have banned ivory buying and selling so that the hunters do not kill hippos.

Polar Bear


Polar Bears are very violent and perilous animals in the world. Their paws are 12 inches wide and they can attack you without provocation. They can attack and eat a human being if they are hungry. Polar bears are always in lookout for humans so that they can kill and eat the human flesh. They are sly hunters and make no noise while walking on the snow. Generally they attack from the back. Russia and the U.S. have entered into a treaty to conserve the polar bears.

Grizzly Bear


The Grizzly Bears of North America are dangerous animals. They are generally above six feet long and above 3 feet high. The North American countries are preserving these bears as their numbers are decreasing gradually due to hunting. They can attack a human being so one should keep away from them. They are illegal to hunt.

African Lion


The numbers of African Lions are decreasing due to hunting. Approximately, 15,000 of these lions are in the wild in Africa. They do not attack humans generally but if provoked they can attack. African countries have banned their hunting unless it is for self-defense.


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