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Cockroaches are hated by all women (almost) and a few men too, and they certainly do not like to see them lurking around their kitchen. Surely, they should not be seen loitering in our homes as they are foul-smelling and dirty pests. Below are 5 more facts of these mucky and grimy creatures.

Cockroach Eating Contests


In 2008, in Chicago, a park advertised for Halloween by offering the contestants to eat most live cockroaches within a time span of 5 minutes. Doctors advised the people not to take part in the contest as cockroaches contain microorganisms inside their bodies. In 2011, the park revived the competition quoting popular demand. In Florida, a contestant named, Edward Archbold, died of cockroach eating in a competition due to throat blockade by fragments of cockroach. The park in Chicago stopped such competition after this incident.

There Is Cockroach in Your Food


A regular chocolate bar contains eight insect pieces, even peanut butter, cheese, popcorn also have small amount of cockroach. FDA believes anything less than sixty insects pieces per 100 g are secured for human use.

Daytime Learning

Close up of a cockroach on white background.
Close up of a cockroach on white background.

Scientists tried to teach cockroaches to like awful odors. The roaches like vanilla smell but hate peppermint smell. Scientists trained the cockroaches to favor peppermint smell by mixing the minty cent with sugar water. They performed the experiment on roaches at various daytimes. By evening, they discovered that roaches started preferring the mint odor and gave up the vanilla odor. When similar experimentation was done in the morning, the roaches preferred the vanilla odor. This proved that cockroaches cannot learn in the early morning time.

Cockroach Farming


China’s economy is flourishing, but one of the booming industries of China is cockroach farming. From 2010 till 2013, the price of dried cockroach increased enormously. The roaches are dried and powered and then used in making customary medicines, cosmetic products and supplement producing companies purchase them as a resource for protein. Cockroach farming has gained a great momentum in China. The cockroaches are kept in old egg cartons and they are fed with vegetable wastes from the eateries. The margin of profit is as high as 650%. Many kinds of medicines and antibiotics are made from the roaches. The roaches’ nerve cells have the capability to slay germs and it does not cause any injury to our cells. The cockroaches develop antimicrobial properties as they prefer to stay in filth.

New York Invasion


New Yorkers are not unfamiliar to cockroaches. They can survive in cold weather, particular the Asian species, known as, Periplaneta japonica. The city’s local roaches prefer to stay indoors but the Asian cockroaches move around merrily in the snow and cold. They can withstand the severe cold climate. The local and the Asian cockroaches have to deal with each other regarding their food and space. This is why their number is not spilling over. They need energy to survive so whichever is stronger lasts and the weaker ones are eliminated.

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