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In the following list we are about to deal with a few very interesting natural wonders of the world. We will learn about different places and gain more information about formations as well as events. Let us go straight to the list, without wasting much time.

Ice Circles


This is indeed quite a rare phenomenon. You will notice this phenomenon taking place during the colder months in slow moving waters. Here you will notice huge ice discs and they rotate in the water. It is believed that this happens due to the eddy currents. They have been quite frequently been noticed in North America and Scandinavia. Once it was even noticed in 2009 in Britain. The ice circles are formed at the bend of the river and the accelerating water builds a force known as ‘rotational shear’. It then breaks an ice chunk and turns it around. As the disc rotates, it starts to grind through the adjoining ice and this creates a smooth circle.

Red Tides


This phenomenon is also known as algal bloom (huge concentrations of microorganisms). This is an event where in fresh water algae, estuarine or even marine amass in the water column and due to this the surface of the water discolors. This is usually seen in coastal regions. When algae are present in huge forms the water starts getting dusky or murky and it starts to gradually change the color of the water. You get to notice several colors on the water surface, from purple to pinkish tones to even green and red.

Columnar Basalt

Columnar basalt patterns
Columnar basalt patterns

Columnar Basalts are known as being rock formations which happens due to the rapid cooling of the lava flow. In a random cellular network fractures (quite similar to organic cells, soap bubbles) start to form and the average distribution of the sides is six. This way one gets to notice hexagonal structures which look quite eerie and are manmade in appearance. The Giant’s Causeway in Northern Ireland is known to be the most famous basalt flow of the world where in one gets to notice vertical joints that form polygonal columns. It looks as though its an artificial construction.

Sun Dogs


This is known to be a strange sort of ice halo. Towards the right or the left side of the sun, you get to notice a colored patch, at about 22 or even greater degree, as well as the same distance over the horizon. They are known to be quite a commonly happen ice halo occurrence. It may happen at any corner of the globe, at any kind of climatic condition. It is noticed 1 or 2 times a week in USA or Europe, however it’s not always too bright. When the sun is low you get to view it at its best phase, yet they are not rainbows.

Moeraki Boulders


These are known to be spherical and curiously huge boulders that are lying at a stretch of Koekohe Beach, between Moeraki and Hampden. They are usually scattered or you could even notice them in groups stretching across the beach where they have been protected and safely preserved in a scientific reserve.

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