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We can never figure out why animals do various types of fanatical and crazy things. Animals are generally very practical but some animals do crazy things too.

Fur Seals Mating With Penguins


It was discovered by some researchers in 2006 that a fur seal was trying to mate with a penguin. They thought that it was just accidental because something might have gone wrong. They overlooked the incident. But recently, researchers noticed that same thing have started happening again. Now, this cannot be accidental. They saw that after mating the seal killed the penguin and ate it. Note, before 2006, the fur seals never tried to mate with other species but now it seems they are learning this sort of behavior. Prior to 2006, no such cases of cross-species mating were reported. This is something unusual.

Changes in Blue Whale Songs

E456JF Bowhead whale just under ice, Arctic

For ages, the researchers recorded the songs of the blue whales but now the songs and the voices of the whales have changed. Their voices have gone much deeper. The pitch has changed and thus the scientists have to adjust their equipments to record the songs. Their song frequencies have changed worldwide. The voices of the singing whales have gone much deeper. The change was first noted in 1960s and since then the pitch has sunk approximately by 30%. No one can figure out why this is happening.

Female Chickens Changing Sex


Chicken sex change is very weird. Female chickens undergo natural sex changes and adopt trait and look of a male bird but functionally they are not males. Female chickens have two sex organs. One grows into an ovary and the other remains inactive. If something goes wrong in hormonal imbalance then the second organ grows and release male hormones. The female acts like a male but she will not mate with other females as she is genetically female. This is not a frequent incident of sex change. It is very rare. In 2011, in Cambridge shire, England, the chicken owners observed that a hen stopped laying eggs and started crowing and became vocal semi-rooster.

Glow-In-The-Dark Scorpions


Scorpions when exposed to strong light of the full moon they start glowing. They generally hunt for their victims at night, but owls and rodents eat scorpions so they become easy prey for them in full moon night because of their glowing.

Rhino-Riding Genets


Genets are small, cat-like animals found in North Africa. They like to stay away from crowd and they are solitary animals. Recently, it was spotted that a genet was enjoying a joyriding on the back of a rhino. In fact, it was doing joyriding every night on the back of a rhino. This genet does not want to stay lonely so it shares territory with large rhinos. The genet takes the ride on different rhinos and buffalos alike. It takes the ride because of thrill and enjoyment and not for any other reason. There are many cases of crazy things which different animals do.

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