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One cannot control her or his death. You will leave this world someday.  Death can occur at any time and without any prior notice. There is no definite time for death, but some people die early due to some unexpected incidents. To know more have a look at the 3 recent stories of accidental death,

Don’t put your health at stake by following anything without any clear thinking


Cryotherapy is a new method to improve your health, though the health benefits of this new therapy is not known till now. In 2015, a young woman named Chelsea Ake-Salvacion of 24 years died. She was using this therapy alone. She was a worker of a Las Vegas spa. The reasons for her death were not known properly. It was said that she died as oxygen levels were low. Her colleagues founded her completely frozen body.

Love fish? Yes you may love eating fish, but sometimes even a small fish can become dangerous for you


Fishing is loved by many people. Some earn a lot of money by doing fishing professionally. But a fish can be proved fatal to you. You may say why? This is because in this year a fisherman of Tanzania named Robert Mwaijega of 47 years old died due to a fish. Robert and some of his friends were doing fishing one day and they caught a large amount of perege fish that is found in Tanzania. Some of the fish were not dead and some were flopping above the basin close to their feet. One perge flopped too highly in the air that it accidentally entered into the mouth of Robert. His friends could do nothing for him. After that, the fish went down in Robert’s throat and then to his chest. This incident was horrifying as well as shocking. Robert could not breathe properly when he reached the hospital and finally he died. The doctors successfully removed the dangerous fish from the dead fisherman’s body.

Disneyland can be a place of death


Generation after generation people fantasize about Disneyland. Some would love to visit the place for once in their life. It is true that everyone will have fun in the Disneyland. But recently a tourist died in this fantasy world because of the fault in the operator. The tourist was Luan Phi Dawson. The 33 year old man visited the park along with his family on the eve of Christmas in 1998. His death is considered as the first death that happened in the park. Dawson’s family was about to get in the Columbia, a look alike version of the 18th century ship and it is a tame ride too. Even the operator of the ride was injured very much and the operator was unable to dock the ship in a right way and then a metal cleat was pulled loosely from the Columbia ship. The loose metal item was sailing in the air and then it fall on the tourist’s face, and he died on the spot. However, the spot of the accident was cleared by the park officials before the arrival of police. This was done as police came after four hours. To avoid such accidents and bitter situations in future, a 24X7 police station is created in the park.

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