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Here’s a list of a few movies which can be categorized under exploitation cinema, however they are lost now. Attempts have been made to recapture the essence of these B-films but have failed. These films were usually in news due to the controversies they created, the limits they crossed and the artists who took part in it and produced it.

Beyond the Valley of the Dolls,1970


Russ Meyer, the celebrated director known for taboo content in his films was quite successful with such films. His approach though led to the discovery of Francis Ford Coppola and James Cameron. Legendary critic Roger Ebert co-wrote this movie, known for exploitation screen writing.



The movie is about infestation of an alien parasite. Directed David Cronenberg made this movie which was extremely gruesome. The movie stars Paul Hampton and Lynn Lowry.

Pink Flamingos,1972


Directed by John Waters, this movie was quite notorious of all his movies. The movie is about criminals who are on the run. There was no rating for this film as it has pushed many a limits in the saga. The film stars drag queen Divine and David Lochary in lead roles.

Super Fly,1972


It is a hard hitting story about a pimp which was played by actor Ron O’Neal. The movie is directed by Gordon Parks, Jr with one of the best soundtracks by singer Curtis Mayfield.

The Toxic Avenger,1984


This movie made Troma Studios famous. The movie is about a janitor who was bullied and how he got super powers after falling into a chemical waste vat. Michael Herz and Lloyd Kaufman directed this film.



Directed by Tinto Brass, produced by Penthouse, men’s magazine starring Helen Mirren, Peter o’Toole and others was an insanely bizarre pornographic film which is now regarded as a cult movie.

Cannibal Holocaust,1980


Directed by Ruggero Deodato, the story revolves around a film crew which gets lost in the Amazon. A new genre was created by this film. The sheer brutality and appalling nature of a few scenes in the movie compelled many countries to restrict its viewing and banned it. It was not a movie for people with a weak heart.

A Cruel Picture,1973


Quentin Tarantino has called this movie the roughest revenge movie of all that he has ever seen. The story of revenge by a mute girl who was compelled to heroin addiction and forced into prostitution.  The graphic violence and the shocking sex scenes made it quite famous. Bo Arne Vibenius directed this revenge movie.

I Spit On Your Grave aka Day of the Woman,1978


A controversial movie about a girl who is prey upon by deranged locals and her revenge story which is more brutal and shocking. Sexual violence and serious attempt to portray feminism can be seen in the movie by Meir Zarchi. The infamous movie was renamed to I spit on your grave.

Blood Feast,1963


The movie is about a psychotic caterer who uses human as a sacrifice for an Egyptian Goddess. The film had buckets of blood and gore. This film is the oldest in this genre.

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