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This list is of some animals that can do amazing things with their heads and faces.

Harris’s Three Spot Moth


Spot Moth Larvae make use of their aged head as a form of weapon.It is known to be a very repellent creature. It spends its winters by hibernating. It makes its way into the stump and seals off its way with silky seal. The decapitated mementos are properly used in the form of weapon. As per its needs it decides to attack its opponents and works towards simply confusing its opponents through the process of shaking.

Venomous Frogs


The Brunos’ casque – head frog exudes foul venom and then patiently waits for animals to intoxicate themselves by contact. The Greening’s frog is another venomous frog that submits its enemies like a drunken soccer hooligan.

Monkeys Use Face Like Name Tags

Monkeys boast the most colourful faces in the mammal kingdom.  Old world monkey’s social status is reliably predicted by its faces. Those living in larger communities boast more intricate while the small town featured plainer faces, while the New World monkeys have more flamboyant faces.

The Pinocchio Lizard Tips?


It was found in an Ecuadorian cloud forest and is very good at camouflaging itself during daylight. Living high in the strata of trees the male possess horns distinctive from the females.

Underwing Pink Moth


This moth wears a sturdy skull cap. It is found in undistributed subtropical Australian environments. It spends its time foraging in bushes for delicious vines. It is an herbivore and is entirely harmless. It has a frightening visage to scare away predators.

The King Of Saxony Bird -Of- Paradise Is The King Of Eyebrows


It is the owner of animal kingdom and have most glorious eyebrows. It produces a strange clicking song of pattering rain and an old lawnmower.

Elegans Has A Magnetic Antenna In Its Face


Elegans are tiny little worms. They have a tinier TV- like antenna in their nematode’s head. These worms are magnetically blind. They always move downward in scavenging food from soil.

Vibrating Mosquito Proboscis?


This particular mosquito has a peculiar kind of needle which does not have any pain.  These are natures quite infuriating appendage it widely serrates minimal contact with nerve endings. Once it bites starts to broaden the injury that is caused through its two jawed proboscis and deploys a tube that is similar to a straw to suck blood.

Moles Have Stereoscopic Smelling

A mole’s nose is the only body part that excels in locating food sources in spite of its inadequate tactile sensitivity.

Limpets Use Their Tongues Like A Jackhammer

Limpets are small, sturdy acquatic snails that have a radula equivalent of a tongue with prickly protrusions for scraping algae. They have an unmatched tensile strength that allows them to chew rocks.


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